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Furcas and Latin babble of doooooom

Furcas is a demon who can teach rhetoric, philosophy and logic, so I’m going to write some relevant Latin babble on his pennant. By the magic of Google, I managed to find old drawings of the Liberal arts and found a picture of rhetoric with some Latin underneath it. The sentence goes something like this (I think, some of the letters were a bit confusing)

"Quidnam rhetorice possit quid copia fandi, clarius in medio sole micante die."

I don’t know diddly-squat about Latin, but after trying to translate the sentence word for word, I think it says something along the lines that one who is rhetorical has an abundance of talk that shines brighter than mid-day sun. Or something. But I’m pretty sure the general gist of it is that yo, rhetorics make you smart, so I’m using it.

Since I am studying graphic design, I know I’d get my ass handed to me at critique if I had the balls to use a pre-made fraktur typeface for the writing, so I’m doing the lettering myself. I am far from expert which means I’ll have to settle for letters that come easily and are not too fancy. I think a simpler set will serve the purpose just as well, though.

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