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I must admit I do not enjoy how some people reblog my art and sort of… claim it as their own OC/fandom stuff in the tags.

No, that is not your character. Do not tag it like it is.
No, that is also not your favorite character from some AU. Do not tag it like it is.

Was thinking about how exactly the werewolves in Pahantekijä transform. I think I’m gonna go with what I like to call a hairy sneeze, where the fur coat grows first and the shape and size follows that, all in a matter of seconds.

The werewolf comic has taken off again today, and I’m just wondering how many people it has brought to my blog who were expecting intelligent, quality art only to be greeted by a stupid-ass dragonball/oc doodle and David Tennant eating donuts.

Höhö, sauna.

Rankka työ vaatii sekavat huvit a.k.a ilmeharjotus lähti vähän lapasesta ennen aamukahvia.

A couple more suggestions I felt like drawing. David Tennant feat. donuts and a basilisk.

Pretty much all I know about this Tennant dude is that he’s the guy who makes weird faces and maybe is a Sherlock or a Who or something but his name kinda rhymes with donut so what the hey, there you go.

Also some wild boars! They have the funkiest body build.

Kittycats were suggested, so have a fitness aware little kitty!

It was one of those first a little bit chilly autumn mornings when you enjoy your morning cup of coffee curled up inside your warm dressing gown, thinking how awesome it would be if it was Sunday right now and you had all the reasons to go back to your warm bed. Since it was not Sunday and I had places to go, I wanted to at least draw someone enjoying a good night sleep in their warm little nest.