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But there won’t be a Pahantekijä update next week either. ”8D My plans keep changing, whoops.

Whoops, seems like there won’t be a new Pahantekijä page next Wednesday, either. Had a small change of plans.

You guys’ll survive another week without an update, right?

Jos nyt ymmärsin oikein mistä on kyse, nii mulla saattais olla vastaus! Esim. apteekista saa pienipäisiä ruiskuja, jolla imastaan mustetta pullosta (itse käytän Indian ink’iä) ja muste ruiskutetaan tyhjään patruunaan. Helppoa ku mikä!
Hoh, okei, kuulostaa aika unelmallisen helpolta ja ihan järkeenkäyvältä! Ja tämä toimis Pentel pocket brush penin kanssa? Vainoharhaisesti kannan vain huolta siitä, ettei virallisesta täyttöpatruunasta poikkeava muste tuki kynää tai sotke kärkeä tai tai… jotain muuta yhtä kamalaa. Brush pen mussukkaiselleni ei saa tapahtua mitään pahaa yhy.
This was the extent of my artistic abilities 14 years ago.

This was the extent of my artistic abilities 14 years ago.


The cool comics NEVER STOP from appearing in front of my eyes in Smackjeeves…!

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SPOOKY BABES is about a pack of werewolves (and some vampires too!) trying to fit in a modern society. The art-style is soooo chunky and cool and…

queengwenevere said: FYI I saw a FaceBook post recently where someone showed how to fill brush pens with liquid ink to save money on refills, maybe it’s worth a shot? (They used Higgins Black Magic ink, and I think it was a Pentel.)

Any chance you could find that again and share? I’m a bit hesitant to use any DIY tricks for my pen as I don’t want to mess it up but I’m definitely curious about anything that could potentially spare me the need to shop overseas for the rest of eternity.

Pahantekijä equipment

Since I wasn’t able to deliver a comic update this week, I thought I’d make up for it by a small text post. Since I’ve gotten some questions about the tools I use, I figured I could showcase my magical equipment of awesomeness.

S K E T C H I N Gimage

Naturally, all I need for sketching is some paper, a pencil and an eraser. I use A4 sized non-brand paper that’s about 150-180g/m². I prefer mechanical pencils because they’re more accurate and don’t require sharpening. As for lead I use 0.5 non-photo blue lead, which means it’s a shade of light blue that scanners don’t see. This allows me to ink on top of the pencil sketch and not having to erase it afterwards. It’s quite convenient, but a bit bothersome, since I have to order the lead abroad. Not to mention this particular brand has been discontinued by the manufacturer so I have to switch to another when I run out of stock. (If anyone has any recommendations, I’m all ears!)

I also use a 30cm ruler for panel borders and the occasional perspective grid (I freehand my perspectives a lot, though, haha).

If my sketching equipment list is short and simple, my inking list is anything but. Gonna put these on an actual list to make things more clear.

  • Textmark 700 & 500 felt tip marker - for inking large surfaces. Sometimes I also use liquid ink for inking large surfaces that are so huge using pens and markers would take too long and be a waste of pen ink.
  • Fineliners 0.03-0.8 (Sakura Micron & Copic) - For panel and speech bubble borders, crosshatching and anything the other pens are too big for. I used to use these for almost everything when I started, but nowadays I’m using my brush pen more and more, leaving only small details for these fellas.
  • Pentel Brush Pen & refills - quite possibly the best brush pen in existence. Not only is it refillable, it has a tip that seems to be almost immune to splitting. It’s very agile and I’ve grown to love the lines it makes, even so much so that I nowadays use it for almost everything from backgrounds to character outlines. I actually have to sometimes remind myself not to use it on everything because while it has an agile tip, some details are just too small for it. The only drawback to this wonderful piece of undeniable love is that I have to order refills abroad for this one, too, since they stopped importing them to Finland. Nrrggh.
  • White gel pen & white acrylic - for corrections and adding white areas on top of ink. (The bottle is actually for correction fluid, but I filled it with white acrylic because it turned out to be better than the gooey fluid.)

And that’s about that. When it comes to choosing my weapons of mass artistic destruction, I prefer things that fit neatly in my pencil case or can otherwise be carried around with ease. I tend to draw here and there - on my desk, couch, chair, at a friend’s house, at the library… so it’s important I can carry my equipment with me.

I’m also not picky about brand and find it somewhat frustrating to be in a situation where I have to order my most important supplies abroad (damn toll limits and taxes and ughhh) but if I find something I like, I’m willing to pay for it. After all, it’s better to pay a bit more of supplies you are comfortable with, than to struggle with something that’s cheaper but less comfortable to use.



Describe my art style to me


I dont usually do these, but im pretty curious, considering I have difficulty describing/defining my own style.

Hey it’s this buttface again whee.

Hey it’s this buttface again whee.